This Is the Best Workout For Losing Weight

Eating a healthy food creates a calorie deficit, which is absolutely key to lose weight, but if you add some exercises into your routine the burning extra calories are guaranteed. The most important in this process is which workout should be done.

According to the fitness instructor John Kersbergen, the best workout for weight loss is not calorie-burning, steady-state cardio. He suggests to do some form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a total-body workout and to focus on strength training certain body parts, on different days of the week. You only need less than 45 minutes and three to four times a week to be effective.

Here’s an example of a week’s worth of workouts.:

–           Monday: lower body + total-body HIIT

–           Tuesday: upper body + total-body HIIT

–           Wednesday: day off

–           Thursday: abs and back + total-body HIIT

–           Friday: whatever you want to focus on for your goals + total-body HIIT

–           Saturday: day off

–           Sunday: active rest (yoga or going for an easy hike)

The HIIT basically should be structured work-to-rest ratio 2:1. For instance, 40 seconds of working (70 to 90 percent of your max) followed by 20 seconds of rest.

As an HIIT you can practice running, jumping rope, biking, swimming, rowing, or with sprint or hill intervals, including a mix of strength-training moves like plyometrics exercises (jumping lunges, or pushups), burpees or squats.

For best results in your HIIT workout include strength training, so, besides 45-minute running interval workout bodyweight exercises could be enough (e.g. squats), but adding weights will get results faster (goblet squats holding a kettlebell).

According to John, as much work should be done in the as short amount of time. This kind of total-body compound movements will recruit more muscles and burn more calories. For instance,

–           Instead of just standing while doing bicep curls, combine it with a wide squat.

–           Include squat variations like weighted squats, jumping squats, and dumbbell thrusters,

–           Deadlifts, such as push-ups, weighted step-ups, pull-ups, and

–           Plank variations such as side planks with leg lifts and up-down planks.

The workouts are structured to work for multiple muscle groups, so it’s not like Monday is the only day you work your legs etc.

However, focusing on one part of the body on a specific day is an opportunity to add weight or reps so you can gradually increase your endurance and strength for those muscles. It also can give you a chance to rest certain parts of the body, which is necessary to repair them and to build muscle faster and prevent injury.

If your goal is weight loss do the next:

No more forcing yourself to do plenty of boring cardio.

–           Beginners should start with 10 minutes of short bursts of intense, heart-pumping intervals and muscle-burning strength-training moves.

–           As you are getting stronger work up to 45-minute workouts (three to four times a week).

–           The mix of the exercises you do, the equipment you use, the body parts you work will enhance the results.

–           This is a way how you can keep your muscles work out, prevent boredom, and build them most, which helps you burn the most fat.

–   You’ll be more inspired to work out, so you’ll be consistent with your weekly workouts, which is the key to seeing results and reaching your goal.


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